Top Four Wedding Presents to Give a Newly Married Couple

When someone graduates from upper level education they will often receive presents like college diploma frames and other miscellaneous college gifts. When these same people find the love of their life and get married, they will receive many wedding presents. Couples are typically young and in need of many things for everyday living, their new homes and yards. When considering what type of gift to buy a newly married couple, people may want to purchase one of the top four wedding presents. These top four presents include dishes, towels, sheets and gift cards.

Generally a couple will register at one or two retail locations that sell dishes and other household items. The dishes they pick out will include plates, serving bowls and coffee mugs. Typically a couple will have a mixture of brands and colors of every day and serving pieces prior to getting married. By purchasing pieces of their desired set, they will establish a collection that is uniform and consistent with the style of their kitchen. Most young couples do not have the funds to make this large purchase for themselves. Also, they will typically have these dishes for many years to come.

New towels are also one of the greatest presents a new couple will receive. These sets will consist of bath sheets, hand towels and wash cloths. The couple may even register for bath mats and shower curtains that match their set of towels. By receiving these sets, they are able to decorate their new bathroom in the style they want. If the couple knows where they will be living and the number of baths, they could even ask for multiple colors and sets of towels. Again, this type of purchase is expensive and not something a young couple would be able to buy for themselves. This gift is something they both will enjoy on a daily basis.

A third gift that is a popular choice to give a newly married couple are linens for their bed. This includes the pillows, mattress covers, sheets, comforters, shams and decorative pillows. Again most couples will register for one or two sets of linens depending on the number of bedrooms they have in their new home. Linens can be extremely expensive depending on the brand, the type of material and the thread count of the fabric. This gift is definitely something a young couple won’t be able to afford by themselves. It is also a gift that will last for many years to come.

The fourth most popular wedding gift someone can purchase are gift cards or pre-paid credit cards. When someone gives this gift, it is just like giving the couple cash to use however they see fit. They can use these cards to complete their registries and purchase other items they may need. If they receive pre-paid credit cards, they can use them to pay for everyday living expenses, going out to dinner or even for things on their honeymoon. By giving them these type of cards, the couple will have the freedom to purchase whatever they want.

Before You Make a Presentation to Your Customer Make Sure You Present Yourself Acceptably

Fashion is a language of signs, a non verbal system of communication, that by Alison Lure the author of The Language of Clothes. She also adds that the vocabulary of dress includes not only your clothing but also accessories, hair styles, jewelry and other ” body decoration.” Your personal appearance is the first thing a prospect notices about you. You only get one time to make a first impression. There are no do overs regarding this. Your entire appearance is what the customer takes into account and make no mistake it is noticed.

Dress for success author John Malloy,provides these dress rules for success.

1.) If you are able dress affluently.

2.) Dress more conservatively than your prospects.

3.) Always be clean. (Yes that is what he said, evidently it was necessary to mention that)

4.) Never wear anything that identifies a personal belief.

5.) Dress at least as well as the people you are selling.

How is this for a dress code? Be well groomed. Make sure your clothes are pressed and stain free. Your shoes should be shined and your hair neat. If this sounds overstated then think about the number of people you may have observed wearing expensive clothes that looked like they got dressed in the dark. Be particularly cognizant of your shoes. It seems some people are of the impression that shoes are not part of their attire. Make sure your shoes are shined and in good condition.

In general, navy blue signifies authority, brown a lack of sophistication. Black demonstrates almost too much power; red calls the attention to the wearer more than the content of what he or she is saying. That according to Jay Conrad Levinson “Guerrilla Marketing.”

The first presentation you make before your presentation to your prospect is your personal presentation.
Let it work for you. Your appearance should be pleasing to the customer without attracting much notice or attention. Although the customer notices the way you present yourself it should not in any way detract from the message you are there to deliver. Anything that takes the customers’ attention away from what you are saying is not a welcomed distraction.

Baby Gifts – Adorable Presents Which Will Be Cherished For Years

One of the most memorable and exciting moment the comes in our lives is having our own child. No doubt, there’s no greater gift than a precious baby. So to celebrate of little one’s arrival, one must give something thoughtful and special to the upcoming little bundle of joy.

Giving baby gifts is a great way to show love and care towards the little one. When it comes to baby gifts, there are so many choices to choose from. If creativity and imagination will be taken seriously, it is an assurance that there is a perfect gift that will be presented.

With so many choices of adorable baby presents available today, you might get a headache on which one to buy. That is a reason why one must have a good plan before shopping anything. Before going out to a shopping mall, you must have all the ideas in mind. First, your budget must be ready, and second you already listed all the possible choices you may consider to purchase.

You don’t need to spend too much for a baby gift. In fact, the cost of the present is not what matters most, but the thought behind it. However, having a limited budget doesn’t mean that you have to make compromises. For example, you will just simply settle for literally “cheap” item because you can’t afford to buy high-quality ones, which is absolutely wrong! Actually, there are several ways to make use of your limited budget without sacrificing the quality of your gift. All it takes is effort and creativity.

Personalized baby gifts are very popular nowadays. Aside from the fact that personalizing a baby item greatly enhances its adorable look, believe or not, opting for personalized baby gift can make a practical gift suggestion for on-the-budget givers. Personalized baby gifts can be anything, from embroidered infant fabrics to engraved baby keepsakes.

Shopping online gives you an endless opportunity on personalized baby gifts. Thousands of online stores that offer a wide variety of baby accessories can help you make your present personalize with your own personal touch. You can personalize your present by including the child’s name or initial on it, and you can even add his/her date of birth as well as special message.

Find a good web store that carry good quality baby products such personalized organic baby clothes, toys, baby foods and the likes. Consider also personalized baby books to help stimulate the child’s mind. You can actually come up with a very thoughtful gift package by opting for a nice gift basket. Included in the basket are useful and practical stuff such as a few baby outfits, feeding bottles, baby bath accessories, teethers and other baby accessories.

Total Plan For Your Business Speech Or Presentation

Planning your speech or presentation involves putting specific information or content into your Speech Development System. Together the System and the Planning steps create a modular approach to speech or presentation writing.

Before you open your slide software to begin your presentation or speech planning–STOP! You may choose to use slides as part of your plan, but the planning is not linear from first slide to last. To be successful, you can’t do the planning through the software.

The planning/writing part requires that you use a writing surface and writing instrument. Paper and pencil/pen works, or a whiteboard and markers, or a flip chart and markers. You may like sticky notes to put on a wall. This is your choice.

My Speech Development System has four parts: Call-to-Action, Key Points, Leading Materials and Attention-Getting Opening.

Call-to-Action: this is what you inspire your audiences to do after they have listened to your speech or presentation. Think external action, not internal mind-shifting. Every speech must lead to an action that will resolve or address the audience’s main problem. It should be artfully written and delivered with impact.

Key Points: these are straightforward statements that drive to your key point. They are short sentences that the audience could tick off their fingers later. When they are chosen well, the audience is totally ready for your Call-to-Action.

Leading Materials: this content makes up the meat of your speech or presentation. Included in the Leading Materials (LM) category are quotations, statistics, props, handouts, exercises, visuals of all kinds, stories of all kinds, references to movies, music and other popular culture. They are called Leading Materials because you share them with the audience in advance of making a key point.

The sequence is LM 1, LM 2, LM 3, Key Point. When done well, the leading materials make the Key Point clear and indisputable. This is the opposite of stating a key point then following it up with justifications, which only makes you feel like you’re climbing out of a deep hole.

Leading Materials give you the opportunity to captivate your audiences, keep things interesting, create a little intriguing mystery, and deliver very artfully.

Attention-Getting Opening (AGO): You grab the attention of the audience and keep it by getting off to a fantastic start. No boring “thank you” or “I appreciate this opportunity”–the audience wants to hear you speak about them immediately.

Here are 3 AGO options:

· “Imagine you are/have/need…”

· “Did you ever want to…”

· “There you are (in a setting) and X happens. What would you do?”

Make handwritten notes for each of these 4 parts. Write and re-write the notes until your plan takes solid shape. By notes I mean a few words that serve as a trigger for more elaborate thoughts you will need later. Right now you’re focusing on the highest level content and order and flow.

Make sure your AGO ties into your Call-to-Action. Think about how the key points drive to the Call-To-Action. Sift through your mind and make notes for ideas about the Leading Materials–an image, a quote, a statistics, etc. You will insert the leading materials before each of the Key Points.